Sunday was heaven

Yesterday I got to hang out with two friends from college and their two-and-a-something-year old. We met around twelve-thirty-ish and wandered around my neighbourhood. It was good. We browsed a couple bookstores (bumped into a former housemate, Sarah L., who works at Chapters), wandered up through Queen (stopped to watch a decent busker) to Spadina then up to Kensington.

On the way we picked up some Vietnamese subs - if you haven't had Banh Mi, then you don't know great cheap sandwiches. Resplendent with flavours and satiating, one cannot find a better dollar-fifty investment into one's own happiness.

We ate the aforementioned Banh Mi at Bellevue Square Park where we caught the beginning of the tail end of wade, which was really a cool idea and I wish I'd known about it earlier. Our mid-afternoon snack was punctuated with ice cream, well for Pete, Cor & Alex, it was. I didn't feel like having any.

Here's a pic of the happy family midway through the day:

It all came to a close with more wandering (this time around College,) looking for a source of batteries for an ancient laptop (these have yet to be sourced,) and finally south again (with stops in Chinatown to pick up some groceries,) to my place where we feasted on the fruits of our labour.

Alex (aka Scoot) is a poster-child for breeding. A perfectly wonderful day, I couldn't have asked for better.

Okay, it's getting late. Off to bed for me.


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