Another one: Rotary Cellphone Action!

This is one of those great project ideas that got filed under "I'd love to do that if..." And it inevitably ends up being implimented, with a "how to", in nice, easy-to-follow steps for everyone that wishes to make one. This is a great hack.
Bravo Interneters!

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Random Monday Morning Linkages

Come fly with me...
Next time I go overseas, I'm going to try out these dudes. They remind me of JetsGo, but English-y - so they may not be around for too long. ~CDN$1200.00 for a return Toronto -> Paris flight, for two, including taxes?! That is pretty good. Umm, Paris in the springtime.

Quiz of the day: iPod Culture

Apple's iPod Culture has:
a) been leading a charge to make all human artifacts of the early 21st Century look like little white lozenges.
b) no right to exist. It's a product, not a binding icon that creates communities.
c) making us proclaim our slavish devotion through the wearing of colourful socks on our iPods.


Did I mention how amazingly happy I've been for the past month and change? Suupaah! Oh, and Happy Spring everyone!


Wunnerful! 42!


I've been trying to write this all day, but I've seldom had more than 180 seconds of uninterrupted time to focus - I'm that busy right now. Cut a commercial spot, deal with locations for an upcoming shoot, help wrap out a job, pay the bills, shepherd a couple jobs through post-production... I sorta feel the way Yoda looks in that light-sabre scene in the latest StarWars movie, all bounce-bouncing around in a rapid-but-fluid motion. When done correctly it allows for incredible flexibility and dynamism; when one loses that state of grace everything goes to hell very quickly.

Bounce, bounce...

This evening I'm taking my S.O. out to dinner. It's in celebration of our first month together. Sure, it's just a month - but wow, what a month it has been! It's been intense and packed with joy. It's been about discovering what you will do to make someone that you care about smile. It's about sharing the spark - the beginning of something that you want to share and cherish.

I guess every time we go through this, we get better at it.
And that, my friends, is the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.

Bounce bounce bounce...


Hitchhiker's Guide!

If any of you hoopy froods haven't yet viewed the latest cut of the HHGTTG trailer, I will be forced to invoke the author's name to get you there:

I think Douglas Adams would be pleased with this one.

sweet moments...

Okay, so I'm still at work... while I wait for the machines to do their thing (render, upload, take over the world, whatnot) I do paperwork or sometimes veg. while reading stuff on the net.

Craigslist is always a rich source of bad-good stuff. And since I've always had a thing for reading the "Missed Connections" sections of newspapers, I tend to check out the lists' missed connections section. For me, it is the examination of what drives people to seek out these strangers that they may have only seen for a moment or two. A spark, a moment, something that wakes us from our slumbering selves and shows us that there is so much more out there than we let ourselves see.

I'm sure that you know what I'm talking about.

This one is really good.


When it is over, all you can say is...

...what a weekend. Busy and fun and silly and weird. I attended a wedding, hung out with good friends, did some good things and made some mistakes, laughed, cried, and purred. So, all in all it was a completely normal weekend, and I can chalk myself up to be one of the luckiest humans around.

The iPod came up with the following on my way to work today:

Calculation Theme - Metric
You Let Yourself Go - Lindy
We Are All Made Of Stars - Moby
Symbolistic White Walls - Matthew Good Band
Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers
Message In A Bottle - The Police
behind the line - The Secret

I like the shuffle menu item that was added to my 3G in the last round of iPod Software Updates. I always had my BrainPod on random, but the menu item makes it easier to get everything started. Nice work people.