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Come fly with me...
Next time I go overseas, I'm going to try out these dudes. They remind me of JetsGo, but English-y - so they may not be around for too long. ~CDN$1200.00 for a return Toronto -> Paris flight, for two, including taxes?! That is pretty good. Umm, Paris in the springtime.

Quiz of the day: iPod Culture

Apple's iPod Culture has:
a) been leading a charge to make all human artifacts of the early 21st Century look like little white lozenges.
b) no right to exist. It's a product, not a binding icon that creates communities.
c) making us proclaim our slavish devotion through the wearing of colourful socks on our iPods.


Did I mention how amazingly happy I've been for the past month and change? Suupaah! Oh, and Happy Spring everyone!


Anonymous Lola said...

Happy Colin = Happy Lola

Hooray for HAPPINESS!

9:03 p.m.  

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