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Hokay, here is the earth… um, no. So, I was really good today, I awoke had time to wander my Colin’s Stuff™ strewn mess-of-a-condo while doing the normal morning things and managing to get to work sort-of-on-time for once. My day was replete with the usual trimmings of a day job. But it was fun. I sorted myself out and got ready to do my going home thing, and the got a great idea whilst Radiohead’s “Lozenge of Love” played for what seemed to be the first time ever (for me anyway)…

So, then I pull out the pd150 and get its oh-so-cute rain cover out – cause it is all raining and stuff, which is perfect for shooting a short clip about what my corner of the universe is like this fourteenth of February. I’m not being down or maudlin, I can state categorically that any dp would decree this is perfect (or almost) for shooting at night – light rain for the wet down, and the rain to show up in the headlights of the automobiles zooming by… so it’s perfect. It would be more perfect if I had a crew, some actors and a cute craft girl, but hey, that is what dreams are for.

So, I go out and my enthusiasm for the wet and cold and the rest of it sticks around long enough to get what I think will make a pretty good 45 seconds or so. I arrive at Lettieri after shooting a bit on Queen St. and get my ‘puter out, the cables out. Oh, the cables – where’s that one essential cable? Well, I transferred my laptop to the camera bag and somehow forgot the accessory bag – the bag that I put together so that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen!

So, my ‘brilliant’ Idea of shooting and editing the anti-valentine’s night clip for distance traveled is ultimately stymied, which is okay. It is a simple thing to do it tomorrow and post it then, but that isn’t the point. I wanted it done tonight, in one beautiful smooth premeditated movement. This desire for completeness, simple continuity and grace is what causes me to fail – often times before actual failure arrives. I simply give up and move on, leaving the project undone.

Well, I’m going to rebel against myself. I’m tire of this everything has to be perfect. Most people need to work and revise things – this is clearly something that I Just Don’t Get. I never have, but if I don’t I will be miserable for the rest of my life.

Anyway. Opened an entry on 43 things to do. Determined to start priming my condo this weekend. Before that I have to clear off the horizontal surfaces which are 85% covered by the above mentioned Colin’s Stuff.

Here is my favorite playlist on my iPod right now – called On-The-Go 5 (original, eh?)

Amelie Theme – Yann Tiersen – Amelie Soundtrack

another root – midori hirano – (bought off website)

Aisha – Che Khaled – not sure of the album
Dragostea Din Tei – O-zone (yup, the “Numa Numa Song”)

The Hardest Road – Peirson Ross - Peirson Ross - Promo/Demo CD (This is better than awesome.
Email me if you would like a copy – I need to ask him if it okay to distribute this.)

Working Man - Men of the Deep w/ Rita McNeil – (I can’t seem to find a Men of the Deep only version of this, but I am looking. This is the song that I would hear in my head every day when I was coming home from a long day of shoveling crap or Paing in the good old days.)

The Good Times Are Killing Me (Live)– Modest Mouse – Good News for People Who Love Bad News (Anyone who knows my secret name will know an additional reason why I love this song)

Float On – Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Lozenge of Love – Radiohead – Towering Above the Rest (also apparently on the Dutch "My Iron Lung" EP)

Butterflies - Peirson Ross - Promo/Demo CD

It isn’t the ultimate play list – but it may be a start.

For later, ask me about wasting my life playing “N.”



Anonymous AlexR said...

Don't you dare post the link to "N". It has captured far to many souls. :D

1:28 p.m.  
Blogger memeboy said...

what, this link?


7:25 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you still have a copy of -The Hardest Road – Peirson Ross -?

my name is kerry and my e-mail is vanwillow@hotmail.com

10:05 a.m.  

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