OMG LOL H4PPY N00b Y34R!11

My friends, I am back.

Only something huge could rock me out of my non-blogging inertia, a piece of writing that is the perfect sumation of a curious phemonia which we've been watching for a while now. Wired has 1337 N1NJ4 tech writers.

The BitTorrent Effect

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:48 a.m.  
Blogger Bella Anti Matter said...

This is TOTALLY irrelevant to your post.

I owe you a huge apology... I did not get your message until I was back in Wpg... and goddsamn! I even thought of you as I was doing my trek down Queen St... >-(

Mind you,. it may be a blessing... I was leaking all over the place... my nose didn't know how to stop... would have been generally unpleasant:" Hi you, I haven't seen you in ages, here's a big handful of mucus." not so pleasant, is it?
All that being said, I miss you and I will be back that way in June, possibly for the whole summer (a wait and see situation...) well, not TO per se... but Pary Sound... not so far away... thinking if that works out, a vets weekend in Killarney or just by the lake at Trailside... Lake, sun, trees, beer... what more does one really need in summertime?

2:10 a.m.  

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