from Aug 7, 2004

It has been a very creatively fertile week. Smacked around the "faster bigger louder" video a bit with J & K to create a revised "faster bigger louder - redux" version. Found out that we've got a pretty cool client coming in on Wednesday at work. (Well I think he is cool... for now.) Did some good socializing with Sick Girl. SG was coming off the end of a flu - she has been having too much fun for a thirty–year–old it seems. Sat down and wrote a outline for a pretty interesting short (maybe twenty minutes tops).

Checked my email and got this stupid fwd: and decided to create the "Stupid Forward of the Week Award" I will post its co-ordinates when they become available.

I need to add linkage.

[Aug 28: I saved this as a draft, and really don't see much point in updating it - it was late and that's what I thought about things at that point. I can't remember off hand what the "stupid post of the week" was going to be, I guess I'll post it later, if/when I find it and if it really merits that much attention]


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