I'm a little fuzzy around the edges right now, but that could be because I've just spent the past hour watching the pretty incredible keynote given by Steve Jobs at the Apple Developers Conference.

I'm pretty pleased with how Apple is continuing to evolve the desktop into an efficient brain appliance. It's lovely. I think that the release of Tiger will be the time to get a couple iSight cameras for the rest of the family and me. Then we hold corpus familia meetings. Is that even Latin?

Anyway, Tuesday is almost over, and I spent most of it pouring over the roughly 400 GB of storage that my work has got kicking around. There's tonnes of crap that we don't need to archive that sort of hangs around. And until today I'd never sat down and tried to do a 'storage audit.' Now, understand, there's only three of us at the office, and we nominally have our own external HDs that we use, but quite often if we need to move a couple dozen gigs then we'll grab whatever is closest and has the spare drive space. Which is fine, until you start looking for those files three weeks later. We have more than a couple projects scattered across five drives. Not all of them, but I'd like to try to get this in control sooner than later. Anybody have any suggestions?

Tuesday... hmm. Oh crap, I'm supposed to meet Brian Y. in an hour near my place, at Hey Lucy. Brian and I went to school together, although we didn't really know each other very well at all. Now he's working in the same field as I do, so maybe we will have something interesting to talk about. Or maybe not. I'm looking forward to grabbing a coffee with him anyway.


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