After chilling with Brian Y.

Well, it is always great to meet up with an interesting person and spend some time establishing a mutually intelligible frame upon which to base further conversations and joint activities. Brian seems to really want to get more 'hands on' with film/video. Which is great. So do I. It kinda kills me that it has taken years to get to the point that I'm at: just beginning. But at least I'm there, doing it. Finally.

I checked some of the (five hours of) footage that I've shot for the Mobius Project so far. Not terrible. But it is a start. So far, I don't have anything in the way of a 'narrative' sticking out yet. I'm not particularly concerned yet about that, but it would be nice if something lovely and obvious popped its head up and said, "hello colin, i'm your story!"

I'm less concerned about a lot of things, now that my life is beginning to take on a pleasing shape. It would be nice if I could teach myself to keep my condo neater so I don't have to fuss about it all the time. Funny how I seem to constantly be on about re-educating myself. Who am I, Chairman Mao? I guess I am trying to draw a line between discipline and punishment and live on it. That is, I don't want to enforce a bad/good dichotomy upon my actions (which reminds me of a hilarious conversation that I had with Kat C. late last week...) but rather a mindfulness. Aw, that's nice, he's getting all Buddhist now...


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Try Flylady.net
As crazy-christian-homemakers go, she does dispense good advice on teaching yourself how to keep a clean house.. just change gender/deity as neccessary ;)

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