Updating the updates.

Sometimes it is painful waiting for something that is worth saying to pop into you head. That silence can be sometimes interpreted as an act of intelligence, based on the conceit that if they aren't talking they must be thinking about something. Those quiet people always get the benefit of the doubt. I've come across a million ideas - all of them from the outside - that are worth noting, discussing over coffee and other drinks, but I am not in a time/place where I have the luxury of cataloguing and annotating so many ideas.

Once (if) I come up with a streamlined system, then the secondary, recycled ideas and meta data shall flow.

I've been reading
(a lot of magazines lately):

Infiltration (that perpetually smug yet so interesting zine consisting of reports about exploring 'forbidden zones' using nothing but social engineering skills and a flashlight, well most of the time.)
Spacing (neato spiff, talking about psychogeography and urban issues, though a friend of mind commented that it seems to have a hetero bias... I haven't really re-read it with my critic's glasses on [when did I take them off? where are they? oh, here on my head...])
Utne (always a great meta-magazine, this month's issue has a good smattering of articles on the nature of adulthood's start shifting to the late twenties/early thirties...)
Economist (interesting perspectives on the Canadian political situation pre-election)

(reminder to self to add links to the above...)

Oh, thanks, bellaantimatter for the suggestion! Interesting linkage.

ciao, kids. play safe out there.


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