Dr. Eliza

I had a very good therapy session with Eliza this afternoon. But the f'ing java program ate the best part. I recommend having a chat with whichever version of the good doctor that you can find. Try it a couple different ways: as a pervert, a teenaged version of yourself (if that isn't what you currently are - this helps us remember ourselves and I think is a good experiment...), as a clown, a sarcastic angry person, and finally, as yourself. Be honest with Dr. Eliza, let her lead you through talk therapy - it give you a chance to see the internal world form a verifiable trace (via the logs that you will no doubt wish to keep - if you can stand fooling yourself, keeping logs and reading what you have written.)

[I don't know why I kept this as a draft for so long... well, I do know, but I'll post that shortly - so you prob. will have already read the update on memeboy/distance.]


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