Wire Tap

From the cbc radio website blurb:

You lift the receiver to your ear and realize that it is already in use. Over the line you hear two people speaking. There is a story being told, and you know that you should not be listening in yet you are mesmerized, unable to put the phone down. Each week, Wire Tap brings you that thrill.

I'm sure you will be as weirded out by the excellent self-examination in this weekly radio programme.


Anonymous Lola said...

I fucking loooove WireTap! Haven't heard it in ages, ever since they moved it up to an evening time-slot this past summer... I was actually wondering if they have an archive on-line or if I could purchase a cd of it or something.

Anyways, I think my favourite one so far is the one where the guy is looking for a certain record to make a mixed tape for his mom and asks his friend who he knows owns said record to go over to his recent ex-gal's place to dig it up... It is *his* album, afterall... Why'd he leave it there after moving out in the first place? Friend doesn't want to go, but after some coersion and ego-building, he does, only to dicover that his ex-gal already has a new beau, bascially causing him to have a melt-down... On the radio!

Ha! Bloody brilliant stuff!

4:41 p.m.  
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